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The University of Greenwich is a public university located in London and Kent, United Kingdom. Previous names include Woolwich Polytechnic and Thames Polytechnic.

The university’s main campus is at the Old Royal Naval College, which along with its Avery Hill campus, is located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Greenwich also has a satellite campus in Medway, Kent, as part of a shared campus.

The university’s range of subjects includes architecture, business, computing, mathematics, education, engineering, humanities, maritime studies, natural sciences, pharmacy and social sciences. Greenwich’s alumni include two Nobel laureates: Abiy Ahmed and Charles K. Kao. Where can i to buy University of Greenwich fake diploma? How fast can i to buy University of Greenwich fake degree? It received a Silver rating in the UK government’s Teaching Excellence Framework.

The university dates back to 1891, when Woolwich Polytechnic, the second-oldest polytechnic in the United Kingdom, opened in Woolwich. It was founded by Frank Didden, supported by and following the principles of Quintin Hogg, and opened to students in October 1891. Order University of Greenwich fake diploma online. Like Hogg’s pioneering venture in London’s Regent Street, it initially combined education with social and religious functions.


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