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How many rooms does USM have?

Since its establishment in 1969, USM has expanded to three campuses, including 26 schools, 13 centers of excellence, 3 national centers of excellence in higher education, 36 service centers and 10 dormitories, accommodating approximately 32,000 undergraduate and postgraduate. The school also offers 60 courses for international students, including science, engineering, medicine, art, business and literature.

Which university is USM?

Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malay: Universiti Sains Malaysia, abbreviated USM), referred to as PolyU, is a research-oriented public university in Malaysia established in 1969. In addition to being the university with the largest number of students in Malaysia, the school is also a top university (APEX University) certified by the country’s government.

Universiti Sains Malaysia (lit. ‘Science University of Malaysia’; abbreviated as USM) is a public research university in Malaysia. Founded on 1 June 1969 as a statutory body with its own constitution, it is among the oldest institutes of higher learning in Northern Malaysia.

It has three campuses: a main campus on the island of Penang, a health campus in Kelantan, and an engineering campus in Nibong Tebal. Universiti Sains Malaysia fake certificate, Buy Universiti Sains Malaysia fake degree online, Get Universiti Sains Malaysia fake degree online. I want to buy Universiti Sains Malaysia fake degree.

USM is the only Accelerated Programs for Excellence (APEX) government-funded autonomous university in Malaysia. Like most of other universities in Malaysia, USM also used English as its medium of instruction.


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