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Universidad Azteca has ISO 9001:2008, ISO 29990:2010 certifications and fully complies with the international IQAAF and BQF accreditation standards regulated by BQS.

The Universidad Azteca (also known as Universidad Azteca de Chalco) is a private university in Chalco. Universidad Azteca fake diploma online, Obtain Universidad Azteca fake certificate, How do I buy Universidad Azteca fake certificate? Mexico in a community in Mexico State in the greater Mexico City area.

Universidad Azteca is a private university with recognition of the Official Validity of Studies awarded by the Federal Secretary of Education (RVOE). accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education of the Republic and recognized by the Federal Government to provide higher education and award graduate and postgraduate university degrees.

The University awards undergraduate Bachelor, graduate Master, postgraduate Master and Doctoral degrees in international programs in accordance with the Bologna Process and issues a Diploma Supplement.

Universidad Azteca International Network System is the university extension, collaborating with other universities globally and branch campus facilities in Austria, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh named BITHM College of Professionals.



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