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What is a QQI award?

Awards made by QQI are recognised within the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). This ensures the award is nationally and internationally recognised. The certificate we issue is a formal confirmation from QQI that a learner has demonstrated the knowledge, skill and competence required to achieve the award.

What does QQI stand for?

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) is the state agency responsible for promoting the quality, integrity and reputation of the further and higher education system in Ireland. It has taken over the functions of the following 4 bodies: National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI).

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI; Irish: Dearbhú Cáilíochta agus Cáilíochtaí Éireann) is the national agency responsible for qualifications in Ireland. QQI Award fake degree online, Make QQI Award diploma online, How can I get  to buy QQI Award fake diploma?

It was established by the Oireachtas in 2012 following the amalgamation of the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland, the Further Education and Training Awards Council, the Higher Education and Training Awards Council and the Irish Universities Quality Board. How long to buy QQI Award fake degree?

The agency is under the aegis of the Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science. It is a member of the European Association of Quality Assurance Agencies for Higher Education. Can I get to buy QQI Award fake degree? QQI is a registered agency in the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education.


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