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Northern Arizona University (NAU) is a public research university based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Founded in 1899, it was the final public university established in the Arizona Territory, 13 years before Arizona was admitted as the 48th state.

Students can take classes and conduct research in Flagstaff, online, and at more than 20 statewide locations, including the Phoenix Bioscience Core, formerly known as the Phoenix Biomedical Campus. northern arizona university degree programs, northern arizona university dental hygiene degree completion program, northern arizona university competency based degree, northern arizona university online degree programs.

The university is classified among “R2: Doctoral Universities – High research activity” and ranked No. 178 in the National Science Foundation (NSF) national research rankings for fiscal year 2021. northern arizona university degree, northern arizona university diploma frame.

NAU’s astronomy faculty led the observations of the NASA DART mission, co-discovered several astronomical bodies such as Eris and Sedna, and are major participants in the search for the hypothetical Planet Nine.


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