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Aspen University is a United States-based private, for-profit, nationally accredited online university that was established in 1987. Aspen University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing, education, computer science, technology, information systems, business, project management, counseling, and criminal justice.

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The university was founded during the 1960s as the International Academy. In 1987, the International Academy established the Information Institute and changed the school’s name to the International School of Information Management (ISIM), focusing on emerging information technologies.

In 2003, ISIM changed its name to Aspen University. Patrick Spada was the founder of Aspen University and Served as its chairman, President and CEO until 2011.In 2021, Aspen University in Arizona had nursing exam pass rates that were below the state standards. In 2022, students filed a class action suit, claiming the school had violated Arizona’s Consumer Fraud Act.

In 2022, Aspen University suspended new enrollments to its pre-licensure nursing programs in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas.



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